Thursday, June 2, 2011

Times are tough, Even for your Creditors!

In the past few years  most of us have felt the economic crunch in some way or another. Some have lost employment, some have reduced their budget and others have reorganized their finances.
However, a true indicator that times are tough beyond a doubt is when the creditors are getting so aggressive they are willing to break the law to get their collections.
As a consumer rights attorney, I have seen many different approaches as to how aggressive creditors can be. You, as a Consumer, must be aware of your legal rights. 
One of the most popular trends we are seeing amongst creditors is what I like to call "Double Dipping". This is where a creditor knows that you have either filed for bankruptcy or entered into a settlement agreement to resolve the matter and still they continue to harass you for a debt that NO LONGER EXISTS.
 This type of behavior is ILLEGAL and PROHIBITED not only under Florida Law but also under Federal Law. If you have a creditor that continues to harass you after bankruptcy or after completing the terms of a settlement agreement, you may have a legal right to sue the Creditor for violating such laws.  You, as a consumer, need to know your legal rights.
Rachel Alvarez
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