Thursday, July 7, 2011

Asset Protection 101

As times get more and more difficult we start hearing more and more legal jargon. 
One of the most frequent calls we receive to our office is about "Asset Protection". I am sure somewhere along the way you have heard this term before - but what does it really mean?

Asset Protection is planning that utilizes a series of lawful techniques and applies them strategically
to protect your assets.

Who are you trying to protect your assets from?  - From claims of future creditors.

These techniques are designed to prevent potential future creditors from going after you and your assets. If done appropriately, these techniques will frustrate the creditor and deter them from coming after you legally, allowing you to maintain  your assets.

One of major benefits of Asset Protection is that a future creditor who recognizes how difficult it would be to collect on successful judgment, might decide it makes little sense to pursue a claim, or be willing to settle for pennies on the dollar.

It is important to plan ahead - before you have any legal issues or have any potential creditors
pursuing you. If you have a creditor attempting to collect a debt or a lawsuit filed against you then it is simply too late to protect your assets. Its best to plan ahead.

At the Alvarez law firm we can assist you to protect your future.


Rachel Alvarez
The Alvarez Law Firm A Professional Association
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