Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Corporate Liability - What does it mean?

It is very common for business owners to receive their corporate renewals in the mail and not know what to do with them or what the renewals are for. In the state of Florida the deadline to renew without penalty is May 1st of each year.  Most people do not realize how important this renewal is for their business. 

As a business owner, it is always the objective to limit your liability solely to the business and avoid personal liability altogether.  However, if you fail to renew your business entity (i.e. LLC, INC, or PA) then you may be opening the door to personal liability.

Most business owners do not understand the importance of corporate formalities and why it is so important to make sure you preserve these formalities. The most commonly violated formalities are commingling of funds and assets. A perfect example of commingling funds is paying for groceries out of your corporate account. An example of commingling assets is using the business vehicle for personal use.  

A main benefit of incorporating your business is to separate the business entity from yourself and minimize personal liability. The moment that you and your business become one in the same (i.e. commingly of funds or assets), you assume the risk of personal liability.

You do not want to be one of the many businesses that find themselves in this situation. If you would like to learn more information on this topic, call us at The Alvarez Law Firm. We will be able to assist you with your corporate renewal, maintaining corporate formalitites, and reducing your personal liability.


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